[mythtv-users] General ways to fix lag on liveTV

Jonathan Seawright jonathanathome at verizon.net
Sun Jul 29 16:50:16 UTC 2007

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Jonathan Seawright wrote:
> Hey all,
> When I try to watch LiveTV on my mythTV box, I get visual skipping and 
> nastyness. Whenever there is a recording seperately, playback is FLAWLESS, 
> especially in HD content.
> My system specs are as follows:
> AMD64 3000+ (running in 32bits mode)
> roughly 400GB of space, split via LVM between an ATA 120gb drive, and a 
> SATA 300gb drive.
> pcHDTV 5500
> Any ideas on how to speed this up? It seems that after a bit of pausing or 
> rewinding, I can watch it with little to no disturbances. It seems to me, 
> that it is a buffering problem? Or simply the speed of the drives? I know 
> for a fact that the ATA drive is filled... so we're recording to the 
> SATA...

Have you run top while playing back live TV?  Is your CPU maxing out
under live TV?  My guess is no, but it's good just to be sure.

The CPU isn't maxing out..and when I run top usually mythfrontend shows up 
at top.

IMO, it's more likely you have I/O contention.  Do you have only the
recording files on the LVM?  If if also contains the MySQL files, and
the directory that myth logs to, that's two more things that are taking
up your available I/O.

Yeah, great point, thing is, would that be hard to reconfigure?

Do you have the same skipping when watching previously recorded content
and recording another show simultaneously?  That would be another good
data point to work from.

I dont get skipping when I watch anything pre recorded. I've watched a 
recording as it was being recorded, and it was crystal clear.

Try temporarily turning off logging on both the front end and back end
to see if this improves things.
This made a difference for me when I had fewer drives in my system,
until I separated things a bit more.

How can I turn off the logging? (I'm not clear where the options are)

George Mari
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