[mythtv-users] repeat question

norman norman at littletank.org
Sun Jul 29 14:18:55 UTC 2007

> > Is there some way that I can take a DVD which I have made and copy it in
> > a way such that I can edit it and record it? Perhaps I am hoping to do
> > something that is not possible but, please, tell me.
> >
> > Norman 
> >   
> Yes it is possible however mythtv may not be the best choice for your 
> task. There are a number of programs out there that will read in a dvd, 
> allow you to edit it and resave to another dvd or simply play back. One 
> that comes to mind is Avidemux2 but since I dont use these products 
> often there are probably better ones available.

Thank you, I will have a look.


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