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Roo roo.watt at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 02:35:31 UTC 2007

On 29/07/07, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
> I think installation of documentation is left as an exercise for the
> user.  If you raise a ticket, make sure you attach a patch that does it
> (perhaps even adding some configure options to also allow (optionally
> re-building and) installing the HOWTO).  And make sure the location is
> configurable because--as I see it--it belongs in
> $PREFIX/share/doc/mythtv-0.20.1 (or whatever version number).  :)
> Robert Kulagowski would probably be the best person to provide input on
> how docs should be handled if they're done automatically as part of the
> install.


Sounds like a great idea, then if you are also running a webserver
(mythweb) on the same machine you can serve the doco up to your local
network. I would be interested in seeing this happening :)

A couple of thoughts are:
* Mythweb could publish the doco by mirroring it in the the mythweb directory.
* Or mythweb configure option that accepts a documentation path
(--configure docpath=/some/path/to/docs).
* Or mythweb has a configure option that picks up the $PREFIX setting
to find the doco if enabled (configure --enable-docs).

Anyone have any further thoughts?



> I have to admit that I don't install any of the documentation myself,
> but instead just access it via the Internet.  The main reason I do it
> this way is because documentation (at least the HTML stuff) won't do me
> much good on the Myth boxes because it's not worth turning on my TV to
> start up a browser to look stuff up.*  And when the TV is on, it's
> generally playing back some recording, so it's easier to go to one of my
> computers to look up the info I need.
> Mike
> *** Obviously, you, Mike, know nothing of network computing, you Windows
> lover...
> So, why not use VNC?  Because VNC is not very good at X:0
> exporting--especially when using, i.e. OpenGL-based programs.  Try using
> the OpenGL theme painter and using the Myth menus to see what I mean.
> It just ends up wasting a bunch of resources on the Myth frontend that I
> would rather devote to Myth goodness.  It's also a security issue and
> more trouble than just using the local browser on my computer.  So,
> since I'd still need the computer to access the Myth box using VNC, why
> not just use that same computer to access the documentation on the
> Internet using a locally-running browser process.
> So, why not use X redisplay via OpenSSH?  Excellent idea, but I haven't
> yet fixed Firefox/Bon Echo after the Mozilla devs (Mozilla Corp?) broke
> it.  It's now "smart" enough to re-use a locally-executing process if
> the appropriate X resources exist withing the display to indicate that a
> local process is running (and these resources are automatically set by
> the browser when it's started).  This is great for people who don't have
> a clue, but for me--who actually would, in this case, want a remote copy
> running to allow access to the HTML on the remote filesystem--isn't so
> nice.  The /only/ way I could actually cause the remote Firefox/Bon Echo
> to execute is by exiting the locally-running process.  But, since I
> already have a locally-running browser process, it's easier to just use
> it to access the docs on the 'net.
> So, the running thread through my reasons is, "It's easier."  I'm the
> first to admit I'm lazy (because it's just too much work to argue that
> I'm not).
> (Sorry, just had to vent about the
> designed-by-people-who-don't-understand-network-computing-for-people-who-don't-understand-network-computing
> browser.)
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