[mythtv-users] Very slow navigation in guide

Joy Cohn jcohn at grafxlut.com
Sat Jul 28 06:37:48 UTC 2007

What I'm seeing is that after installation, it'll work fine. Text is white
and there's no delay or lag when the menus are drawn.

I'm using the current MythDora on a system with a Soyo KT600 Dragon, a
Sapphire Tech 9600 card, AMD XP 2600+ and 2mb ram. Plenty of disk space,

At some point, it starts out with the text being garish in color or black
and each step of the redraw takes longer and longer. I sit and watch each
progression of the menu effects and eventually, it takes five minutes for
the menu to redraw completely. Going into the deeper menus gives me all the
menus transparently.

If I go to the MythDora Setup, I get great color. I can go through the
various control panels. I was able, finally, to get the Edimax 7128g
wireless card compiled and installed, but afterwards I started getting the
bizarre theme behavior. I thought it might have been changing things to
different fonts or to OpenGL instead of the defaults, but setting them back
didn't help.

I tried to get into the Backend Setup again, but had to do it in root. Now,
the front end won't start at all. I'm basically hosed at this point.


> From: Matt Doran <matt.doran at papercut.biz>
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> Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 15:56:23 +1000
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> Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] Very slow navigation in guide
> Alex Halovanic wrote:
>> I believe I'm seeing something similar, Matt.  It's also on all the
>> themes, and I have 1.5 gigs of memory and an X2 3800+ running SVN.  I
>> only see a significant lag when I have the live preview of HD
>> programs, however; SD from my IVTV tuners seems to work fine with the
>> guide, although it's certainly possible that there is a slight lag I'm
>> just not noticing.  I've also tried changing the shading settings for
>> the guide to the lower CPU versions, and I can't see any improvement
>> there.
> Yeah, sounds similar.
> It is a little laggy all the time for me, but quite often it pauses for
> 5-10 seconds.   Is that what you see?
> Matt
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