[mythtv-users] UK Radio Times Grabber "Seen twice" error

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Fri Jul 27 15:57:07 UTC 2007

James Fidell wrote:
> James Fidell wrote:
>> jonny Linux wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I've noticed in the last couple of days I've not been getting any new
>>> listings from the UK RT grabber.
>>> I get "channel named 'Cartoon Network Too' seen twice at
>>> /usr/bin/tv_grab_uk_rt line 199."
>>> Where do these channels come from? Is there a config file with all the
>>> channels in, or is the channel duplicated on the RT website?
>>> Is anyone else having this problem?
>> Yes.  It's been happening for a couple of days now.  The problem is a
>> duplicate entry in the channels.dat file provided by the RT website:
>>   742|Cartoon Network Too
>>   2044|Cartoon Network Too
>> I don't know if there's someone who can be contacted to get it fixed,
>> but there are a few comments on it here:
>>   http://news.gmane.org/gmane.comp.tv.xmltv.general
> I don't get that channel, so I've just hacked tv_grab_uk_rt to skip the
> channel in the main loop:
>   foreach (split /\n/, $channel_list) {
>     chomp;
>     /^(\d+)\|(.+)/ or die "bad line in channel list: $_";
>     my ($rt_id, $name) = ($1, $2);
>     ##
>     ## Hack to skip temporarily duplicated entry
>     next if ( $name eq 'Cartoon Network Too' );
>     ##
>     $seen_rt_id{$rt_id}++ && die "channel with RT id $rt_id seen twice";
>     $seen_name{$name}++ && die "channel named '$name' seen twice";
> Seems to work fine as regards collecting data for the other channels.
> Neither of the data files for either of those channel ids have any data
> in, so something's gone awry.
Does this problem cause the script to die with an error number somewhere 
in the 60,000s? (can't remember exactly). I just this morning installed 
svn trunk on my master backend as a fresh installation and got this 
error when I ran mythfilldatabase for the first time. Assumed I must 
have got something adrift somewhere, didn't realise it might be a 
general problem.

Mike Perkins

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