[mythtv-users] Cheap X2's at newegg.

jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Thu Jul 26 19:18:54 UTC 2007

     If you've got an older Socket 939 based system,
now might be a good time to give it a little turbo boost.
Newegg is selling X2 3800+'s for 70 bux. I got a couple
for myself. I've already upgraded the backend and plan
to do the same for the frontend.

      The "strict division of resources" in a dual core
seems to benefit myth considerably. mysql can abuse it's
own processor if it needs to. The same goes for transcoding.
My effective thruput is about 2x what it was on the old 3500+.

      Can both cores be exploited for h264 decoding?

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