[mythtv-users] HDHomerun Channel Scanning

Rob Dege livemotion at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 18:30:21 UTC 2007

mythtv - 0.20.20060828-4                      OS - FC3
kernel -                                   HDHomerun firmware -

I currently use analog TV for my viewing pleasure.  In my area, the cost for
Digital TV is just too expensive, so I have no cable box in my setup.  I
split my analog coax line for the mythbox, and the TV.  A few months ago,
Time Warner released some un-encrypted HD channels in my area.  So I
borrowed an HDHomerun box from a friend to see if it could access any of
these un-encrypted qam channels.  Using the HDHomerun_config and VLC, I was
able to view about 5 local broadcasting channels in HD (woohoo).

So, I am followed the ubuntu HDhomerun instructions to integrate the homerun
box with mythtv.  The steps were easy to follow, and I encountered no
problems, until after the channel scanning was complete.  I noticed that
several channels that were supposed to be listed, were not listed at all.

So, using the homerun_config and VLC, I manually scanned, and recorded all
of the available channels.  Here are a few examples:

Channel 88 -  1: 1.1 E1_1 WG  -> NBC
Channel 88 -  2: 1.2 E1_2 WI   -> CBS

Channel 89 - 1: 1.1 E2_1 WN   -> WNED
Channel 89 - 3: 1.3 E2_3 WK   -> ABC

I ran the mythtv channel scan again, but this time paid close attention to
the output.  Here is what is happening:

Channel 88 - E1_2 WI 1-2 - Added as 1.2  (this is CBS)
Channel 88 - E1_1 WG 1-1 - Added as 1.1   (this is NBC)

Channel 89 - E2_3 WK 1-3 - Added as 1.3   (this is ABC)
Channel 89 - E2_1 WN 1-1 - Updated as 1.1   (This is WNED)

I'm not exactly sure what's going on here, but it seems that when myth
scanned channel 89 1-1, it matched it with channel 88 1-1, and updated the
channel data to point to channel 89 instead of created a new channel id.

I've seen in the mailing list that some people are creating their own
channels by modifying the database directly.  I'm not opposed to this since
I only need to create 5 entries for the valid channels I want, but I don't
know how to do it.  So, any help with either fixing the channel scanning
problem, or manually adding the channels to the database would be extremely


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