[mythtv-users] Case comparison - Silverstone LC16M and Antec Fusion V2 Silver

David Segall david at segall.net
Thu Jul 26 14:03:22 UTC 2007

Bob wrote:
> On Thursday 26 July 2007 18:08, Phil Vid wrote:
>>> Also, what are peoples opinions on VFDs?  Do you find they are actually
>>> useful?
>>> I suppose it might save turning on the tv to queue up some more music,
>>> but 2 lines of text sounds like a pretty thin user interface.
>> Never used the VFD on mine. The standard text is far too small to read
>> from far away, yet the programmable charset is too limited to display
>> a bitmap clock on.
>> Unless there is one with a full blown bitmap display I wouldn't bother
>> with it. That is unless you have eagle eyes or sit right near the box.
> The LCD display on the Antec Fusion Black looked nifty.  But it isn't 
> supported under Linux, and doesn't sound like it will be any time soon.
> And I want a silver case.
I've got the original Antec Fusion silver case 
<http://www.antec.com/ec/productDetails.php?ProdID=08738>. The VFD 
display works with both LCDproc and Mythlcdserver. The instructions for 
getting the volume knob on the case to work with MythTV 
contain the link to the page for getting the VFD to work and describes a 
possible problem with newer versions of the case.

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