[mythtv-users] OT: Hardware failure

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Jul 25 03:45:46 UTC 2007

Robert Bradbury wrote:
> Some aren't reading Eric's posts closely.
> It sounds like he has a disk that formerly booted in the machine.  If
> its an Athlon MBO BIOS I doubt it has the 512MB/2GB disk drive boot
> issues.  He can read in the kernel and get it to the decompress step so
> it sounds like the I/O to the hard drive works (unless he's damaged the
> kernel on the hard drive) [will the drive boot in a different
> machine?].  The fact that a different disk/OS doesn't boot but the
> memory test runs ok combined with the fact that he says he was having
> heat problems makes me worry that the CPU may be overheating under high
> CPU load.
> In which case I'd be looking for some old benchmarks that exercise the
> CPU.  There used to be lots of these for PCs in the '90s back when
> everybody was more concerned with their CPU speed rather than their
> graphics card speed.  I suspect there are many standalone PC benchmarks
> one could download from the web to test this. I'd be concerned about the
> heat sink replacement step.

The UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD) has many tests, including CPU tests.



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