[mythtv-users] OT: Hardware failure

griz_quattro griz_quattro at tx.rr.com
Wed Jul 25 03:22:56 UTC 2007

> On 7/24/07, *Brian Wood* <beww at beww.org <mailto:beww at beww.org>> wrote:

> No luck.  I switched out the IDE ribbon and had the same results... able
> to boot the old fc3 drive but not a newer winxp or fc6 drive.  I also
> retried the fedora live cd while the working HDD was connected and was
> not able to get that to boot either. I triple checked all the pins and
> there is nothing visibly wrong anywhere.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Check any jumper pins on the mobo and all drives. I had a similar issue
a while back that I had lost one pin out of a HDD and one on the mobo.
The one on the motherboard had slid off one the the pins during a
'cleaning', too cramped sometimes.

Also, if you can get into the bios, see if it has error logging.


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