[mythtv-users] OT: Hardware failure

Robert Bradbury robert.bradbury at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 14:58:34 UTC 2007

On 7/24/07, Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> wrote:

> I'd say it's a lost cause.

So, what you are saying is the "impossible" takes a little bit longer... :-;

That machine has nowhere near the power required to playback MPEG2
> without help (that takes at least 500 or 600 Mhz.).

Ok, that implies it can't be used for playback unless I get an MPEG (or
S-Video?) "out" capable card (don't some of the older "TV" cards fit in this

What about it being the "backend" -- I'm looking at the newer MBOs and
seeing only 2 PCI slots and that isn't anywhere near enough if one wants to
handle 10+ channels (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, FNN, SciFi, AMC, HIS, DIS, Animal
Planet).  I know one can't handle them all at the same time but say one
wanted to handle 3-5 shows in the same time slot if one had the input cards
doing the heavy lifting.  At how many channels do you max out the PCI bus?
And are there any cards using higher bandwidths (e.g. PCIe x16 or x32)?.

Even if you could find a PCI 5200 card, I suspect that even with XvMC
> that machine would simply be too underpowered.

Please don't assume that every user, esp. newbies, know all the video cards
by number.  The 5200 card is NVidia, ATI, Hauppauge or ...?  I would guess
that one should be able to do playback if one is streaming from the disk to
a framebuffer device where the video out is flipping between alternate
frames 60 times a second.  I assume that such devices exist since I used to
play asteroids and lunar lander on either a GT42 or GT44 (PDP-11 based) and
those had to have a lot less horsepower than a Pentium75.

I realize that the P75 has problems converting to/from video in real time.
But could one queue ones "watching" schedule, then have it spool the data to
a conversion server (there are Pentium 4's not doing much much of the time
in the house) such that the P75 only has to be able to read and spool 3-5
hours of TV-viewing per day?

I suppose another way of asking this is whether MythTV has only record &
play capabilities or whether one can separate the record, transcode and play
functions into 3 separate queues?

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