[mythtv-users] Transcoding questions

Steve Peters - Priority Electronics steve at priorityelectronics.com
Mon Jul 23 05:12:54 UTC 2007

I'd recommend Nuvexport with the mencoder option (run: nuvexport
--mencoder). I currently "transcode" episodes of The Simpsons down to around
150MB each at very great quality. Nuvexport will also get rid of the
commercials. Also, since it runs outside of mythtv (for now), but since it
reads the mythtv database, you can select the shows you want to transcode,
and still have the originals untouched in your mythtv recordings section.
nuvexport can transcode to ipod formats (run it without mencoder) as well.
Just save the transcodes to your videos folder and play them from there.
That's my two cents

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I'm finally getting comfortable with some of the normal features of mythtv.
I have mythgame, mytharchive, videos, etc working.  I even have XM radio
streaming nicely.

So, it's time to try something new:  transcoding. 

I have several things I want to do with transcoding, and I'd like pointers
(if possible) on the best way to do them:

1) One of my recording groups is for my kid's stuff.  I'd like to transcode
their programs down to save space (and, obviously, lose some quality).  My
questions are:  
    a)  Are there any transcoding optimizations that work better with
    b)  What's the best way to have only their programs transcoded?
    c)  How should I set the transcoding options to do things best? 

2) I'd like to transcode some programs to a format more suitable for
playback on a pocketpc or on an ipod.  Is there a way to mark particular
episodes to be transcoded into that format, but placed somewhere in another
directory, so i can install those versions on my phone and/or ipod?  I
wouldn't want the originals messed up -- in case I decide to watch them on
TV instead. 

3) And, finally, what about archival?  Is there any way to do a high-quality
compression of stuff I'd like to keep?  So, lossless as possible, but
compress the hell out of something?  And, in this situation too, I'd prefer
if the destination recordings was somewhere else, so that the originals
stayed until manually deleted, while I archive the compressed versions. 

I'm sure most of these are RTFM's, so, don't hesitate to point me at the
right 'M' :)

Thanks in advance,


David Frascone

Oxymoron: Safe Sex. 

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