[mythtv-users] video card - Verizon FIOS

Hans Halvorson hhalvors at Princeton.EDU
Sun Jul 22 22:25:46 UTC 2007

I am looking for recommendations for a video card that will capture
the most possible from Verizon FIOS TV input.  Unfortunately, I do not
know the technical details of the input -- nor does it seem that
Verizon tech support is willing to provide this information.  However,
based on information from other users, it appears that probably the
first 50 channels are sent in clear QAM.  (Are there any experiments I
can do to ascertain more information?  On a very old TV, I only get a
signal from the first 14 channels; but on a Series 2 TiVo, I get the
first 50.  With the FIOS set top box, I get all 500 or so channels,
minus the premium channels.)  Which video cards will get the clear QAM
input -- pcHDTV, Hauppauge?

Many of the other channels are apparently encrypted, and I realize
that there is no hope of getting these through the video card.  But
since I hardly watch these, I don't plan to send the signal through a
set top box first.

Which video cards might be good choices for this kind of setup?


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