[mythtv-users] Video import .avi stops playing

Lan Barnes lan at falleagle.net
Thu Jul 19 22:58:27 UTC 2007

On Thu, July 19, 2007 4:27 am, Nick Rout wrote:
> Lan Barnes wrote:
>> I imported one of our commercial DVDs using k9copy, which made a 10 G
>> avi
>> file. This plays nicely ... and then stops, always at the same place.
>> I've tried mounting the file on loop as an iso9660 and no go. I suspect
>> there are several sub files and I'm just stopping at the first menu
>> point,
>> but I'm baffled on how to fix it.
>> Any hints?
> k9copy does not produce avi's as far as I am aware. it reduces a DVD
> from 9G to fit on a 5 G (single layer)  DVD and reproduces the menus
> onto the smaller format. It should produce an iso file which will play
> like a  DVD.

Yes. I almost certainly misused k9copy. I didn't want another DVD, I just
wanted the movie to be available over the network.

Thus I elected not to check the box for copy menus, and k9copy defaulted
to saving the file with a .avi type. As I said, when I put it in my videos
directory, it "just played" ... up to a point.

I have a feeling it ripped the DVD's chapters but didn't give me a
structure to move from one to another.

I have a friend who uses Myth who rips to .iso's, mounts them on loop, and
then plays them with xine. Perhaps I should try that.

FWIW, mytharchive always tells me "no jobs to do" and returns. Otherwise I
would happily use it -- that's what it's for AFAICT. I have no idea why it
fails ... maybe permissions somewhere or the like. I'm not very adept at
locating the myth logs, and tend to flail around a lot. I apologize for my

To complicate things, the Padres are in a season-long pennant race (I'm in
San Diego), and the family doesn't want to give me access to the box to do
the concentrated work I need to in order to understand it. Myth as it is
is too successful in my house for them to let me improve it.

Lan Barnes

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