[mythtv-users] A prediction is coming true, faster than I thought

jason maxwell decepticon at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 14:23:01 UTC 2007

> In fact, some "illegal" acts, by increasing awareness of particular art,
> may well actually increase sales.
> But try telling that to the RIAA.

I have had friends show me a peice of a song which they downloaded
"illegally" in the past. As a result of liking what I heard, I eventually
bought their entire discography, imports, posters, tee shirts, concert
tickets, and told everyone I know to go do the same. None of the above would
have happened otherwise.
Word of mouth can be very effective in the success of any product. I think
the realization of that fact, and how the internet has made it very easy to
self promote without a hefty loan and very slim points with which to repay
said loan, is what makes the major record companies struggle so hard to hold
those precious dollars as they finally shift directions to the deserving
artists instead.
Was that a run-on sentence? ;)
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