[mythtv-users] switch from RB to DVI-D looses menu font

Matt Flax flatmax at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 23:47:36 UTC 2007


I have a feeling that this problem is to do with resolution and scaling of
menu items.

I installed mythtv using the RGB connector. All good.
I then plug in my DVI-D (HDMI) connector and I believe the resolution is
better - more pixels.
I remove the RGB connector.
Turn the box on.
The menu background and icons show up, but the menu text doesn't. Strange.
I can scroll and select menu items, but simply no text is shown. The icons
change however.

When I plug both the DVI-D and RGB in, it works as normal, even though I am
using the
DVI-D as the main line. The mere presence of the RGB possibly reduces the
resolution over the DVI-D
to the original - just a hypothesis.

Is there a way to up the reolution without loosing the menut text.
Is there perhaps a menu regeneration method ?

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