[mythtv-users] Updating MythMusic Database Hangs

Mike LaPlante mike at dividia.net
Wed Jul 18 15:04:46 UTC 2007

Aaron Newcomb wrote:
> Hi all!
> When I update my MythMusic database it always hangs at the same point
> and the database update never finishes. Is there a log file or
> something I can run a tail on to see what file is causing this? Are
> there any file formats (i.e. aac, etc) where MythMusic might not be
> able to read a tag?
Are you using SVN? Mine has been doing that, I eventually told it to 
ignore ID3 tags and go by filename, but thats just because I was too 
lazy to try and figure it out, plus I had some guest over and just 
wanted to get music playing.

I'm thinking the only way you're going to see what is happening is to 
run mythfrontend from a terminal, try with out any extra debugging 
options first, if you don't see anything useful try "-v all" or "-v 
help" to see all options.


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