[mythtv-users] A prediction is coming true, faster than I thought

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Jul 18 14:51:32 UTC 2007

Tom Dexter wrote:

>> Bob
> I'm with you 100% on that.  I buy CDs and rip them if I want mp3s.  I'd
> be spending a fortune on songs if more were available without DRM.  I
> won't spend a dime on any with it, that's for sure.  Not just because I
> use only Linux, but because I detest the concept of DRM so much.  iTunes
> DRM protection may not be as restrictive as some, but to me that's the
> worst thing about it...it's succeded in getting people to accept a
> flawed product as consumers.  DRM does a fabulous job of punishing the
> innocent, while the people who are going to pirate songs can and will,
> with or without the existance of DRM.  Ironically, the record industry
> has done a great job of creating a situation where one can get a better
> quality product illegally.

I suspect a lot of the problem is that decision makers at record
companies are not terribly technically sharp, and are thus vulnerable to
sales pitches and just general bad information. Add to that a generally
anti-public paranoid mind set and you cansee why we are where we are at.

But these same decision-makers do generally understand lawyers and
litigation, so they do what they know.

Getting your tech info from vendors, and not from on-staff engineers and
technicians, usually leads to bad decisions, bad products, frustrated
consumers and lots of sales commissions.

As soon as a vendor tells you that one of his or her product's
"advantages" is that you don't have to hire a technical staff - watch
out, you are at their mercy.


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