[mythtv-users] OT: Stream Music around the house

Kevin Hulse jedi at mishnet.org
Tue Jul 17 17:33:28 UTC 2007

On Tue, Jul 17, 2007 at 03:29:45PM +0100, migmog wrote:
> I second the FM transmitter approach. I have a clutch of 1960s/70s
> Hacker radios - chosen for the sound quality not the name.... though
> the name is a conversation piece too ;-)
> They sound great, cost very little, and look nice too. And you can
> also listen to the radio :-)

	I don't really get why you would want to stream music around
the house. Even a respectable sized mp3/ogg collection is getting tiny
by the standards of modern storage. The terminal end solutions should
just cache everything and avoid network bottlenecks and wifi quality 


	That was one of my annoyances with the Tivo home media option.

	With MythTV it's pretty easy to direct plugins to local or network
storage based on your own inclinations.

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