[mythtv-users] Remote Buddy response during playback (osx FE)

Steve MacLaren scram69 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 17:02:13 UTC 2007

I am currently using Remote Buddy with my osx MythFrontend in order to take
advantage of remote controls with more than 6 buttons.  The app is very
flexible and with certain remotes allows full functionality for remote
control operation with the osx FE.
The only problem is with performance during playback - either recorded shows
or videos - when the remote's commands sent via remote buddy experience a
significant (~15 sec) delay, or are not processed at all until another
keypress is received.
Because this delay behavior is not observed with the built in support for
the apple remote, I conclude it is an issue with the Myth internal video
player ignoring processes that are not associated with the FE application.
Does anyone know if it would be possible to "patch" in support for Remote
Buddy such that its performance would match that of the "built-in" apple
remote?  Speculating as a non-programmer, might it be as simple as a routine
that checks for input from external apps at a few Hz?
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