[mythtv-users] Help - ASUS Pundit System and TV-Out

ICMan icman at eol.ca
Mon Jul 16 17:27:23 UTC 2007

Hello All,

I have an ASUS Pundit system - it's a small footprint system with
onboard everything, including DVI, Composite, S-Video, and VGA output
ports.  This device has an onboard video card using the ATI Radeon 9100
IGP(?) chipset.  I want to use the composite video output to connect to
the television.

Myth is set up and works fine.  I love it.  I have updated it to the
latest (almost) verion via SVN.  It works when the system is connected
to my monitor.  I have connected it to several flat-panel LCD monitors
using the VGA cable, and it works fabulous.

The composite TV-Out port does not work.

Now don't get me wrong.  The TV-Out port does send a signal.  In fact,
the TV-Out displays just fine on the TV during system post, and when
displaying all the kernel messages.  It also works fine if I use
CTL-ALT-Fx to bring up a character based screen - this is how I have
been editing my xorg.conf file, so I don't have to reboot to pick up the
monitor intead of the TV.  However, I cannot find a ModeLine in X (xorg
7.0 as part of the Debian distribution) that works.  It displays to the
television, but there are a series of wavy lines, and a lot of movement.
You can see the colours from the MythTV theme, but the picture is messed
up.  I am old enough to remember the V-Hold knob on old CRTs, and this
video looks like a picture where the V-Hold is not set correctly.

I have tried many ModeLines.  I have tried 640x480.  I have tried
720x480, and 720x400.  I have added the interlace option, -hsync,
+hsync, -vsync, and +vsync, and many of these in combination.  There
have been some changes to the picture that are noticeable, but none that
made the picture stable.

Can anyone help me?  MythTV is not nearly as useful to me unless I can
get it working with my CRT televisions.

Note, I have already looked through the WIKI, and searched the net for
appropriate Modes.  I found some information on the Myth WIKI about a
proprietary ATI driver for X, and when installing it a message says that
it does not support my version of X (needs 7.1).  BUT, the literature on
this proprietary ATI driver does not indicate that the problem is with
modes - it seems to imply that the problem is that TV-OUT simply does
not work at all, though that is not stated.

Does anyone - Anyone - have any clue what's up, and how I can fix it?  I
have heard in passing that the ASUS Pundit was a popular system for
turining into a media center.  Are there any Pundit system owners out
there who have faced and defeated the issue that I am having?
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