[mythtv-users] DTV HD and myth

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Jul 14 17:04:58 UTC 2007

Chris Ribe wrote:
>     I have not seen ( not really been looking ) at any HDMI Input cards
>     for a PC.
>     If the DTV HD box does HDMI out... and there was a HDMI input card..
>     i could record off of that... I suppose... if one existed....
> They do exist, but no, you probably can't record  from a directv
> reciever (which is what you meant by DTV, I presume.  DTV usually stands
> for digital TV, FWIW, and there are more than a few DTV HD boxes/cards
> that are 100% compatible with myth).   The HDMI standard supports a copy
> protection protocol that all HDMI devices must implement,  and
> presumably anything coming out of the directv box will be of the "don't
> copy me" sort of data.

I'm not aware of any HD-capable capture device, Myth compatible or not,
that sells for less than several thousand dollars.

If you know of such a device I'd love to hear about it.

I have heard of "jeeped" DirectTV receivers using Firewire output, but I
know nothing about their legal status or whether they can be made to
work with Myth.


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