[mythtv-users] Live HD TV jumpy

DaveD mythtv at guiplot.com
Fri Jul 13 05:46:16 UTC 2007

One difference (between live TV and watching a currently recording 
program) is that I have no listing data for my HD channels.  The lineups 
for my zip do not include the digital channels that Comcast sends in 
clear QAM over the cable.  Comcast lists them in their digital lineup 
(as opposed to the standard cable lineup I use) as high numbered 
channels that they program on their cable box (up into the 900's) and 
Myth barfs on them and actually takes it upon itself to REMOVE THEM FROM 
MY LINEUP!  (I was not happy  about that as I was using the XML file for 
other things, but that's another thread.)

Any way, I'm wondering if Myth is so busy trying to figure out what it's 
playing that it can't play it.  Like Rick says, maybe someone can solve 
the mystery.

Rick wrote:
> DaveD wrote:
>> Thanks for the responses and suggestions.  I appreciate that my CPU is 
>> not exactly state of the art, but I'm still wondering how it can 
>> simultaneously record TWO high def shows and play back a third, 
>> previously recorded, hi def show without any problems at all but can't 
>> play back live HD TV!  (live standard def works fine)  How is this 
>> different?  The recording of the two shows taxes the system just like 
>> live TV, in fact twice as much if I'm recording two shows.  And playing 
>> back a THIRD show should REALLY tax it.  But is works GREAT!
>> AND, I can watch a show while it's recording and it works just fine!  I 
>> can schedule a show to start now and then go to the Watch Recordings 
>> menu, select the show and whala!  It plays just fine!  While it's 
>> recording!  If I stop the recording and go to the same channel, same 
>> system, same everything and try to watch "live" TV, it screws up 
>> royally.  There's something different between live TV and recording per 
>> a schedule and whatever that difference is, it's screwed up on my 
>> system.  Should I be posting something to the developers list to get 
>> some detail on the difference?
>> BTW, I looked at my CPU usage again and something I've done (upgrades, 
>> configuration, xorg.conf settings, ???) has made the CPU usage during HD 
>> (1080i with Dolby Digital) playback only use a little over 50%!  When I 
>> switch to live TV, it's no higher, but the jumpy, blocky, unwatchable 
>> problem is still there.
>> Still hoping someone can tell me what's different between watching a 
>> show that's recording and watching live TV.  Thanks again.
>> DaveD
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> Dave,
> For what it's worth, I am having the exact same symptoms as yourself.
> If I tell myth to record a currently broadcasting show and watch from
> the recordings list, I don't have any choppy HD content.  However, if I
> go live on that show without telling myth to record it, it is choppy.
> Obviously I already have a workaround, but I am extremely curious as to
> why it behaves this way.  (Much like yourself).
> My system is probably on the border of being able to play HD content, so
> I just figured it was a limitation of my system.  My system is an AMD
> Sempron(tm) Processor 3100+ with 1.5g mem.
> Ah well... maybe someone will solve the mystery ...
> Rick
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