[mythtv-users] Fill vs Fit to screen

Robert Current robert.current at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 05:26:09 UTC 2007

Somewhere along my upgrades, the "i" Menu button on my A415 stopped
working.  It use to bring up a menu during the playback of a recorded
show.  On that menu, one of the options was some aspect ratio choices,
including a 4:3, some zoom choices, etc..  I don't remember all the
choices, I can't get that menu up...

But, anyway, my system previously had the defaults to do something I
would best describe as "best fit to screen" where it would zoom/unzoom
the recording to best fit the output (S-Video 4:3).  Meaning, if there
was a HDTV recording, or a movie on DVD, or a 16:9, it didn't matter,
it would fit it to the screen with no change in aspect ratio, leaving
black bars at the top and bottom.

Now, it does the opposite type of default zoom, it fits whatever image
to the maximum zoom of 4:3 and distorts the image.  So, now I never
get the top/bottom black areas.  instead, when watching a DVD or HDTV
recording, I get tall skinny people...  know what I mean?

So, eventually I want to figure out how to get my playback options
menu back when I hit "i" (menu) on my A415....

But for now, I just want to know how to set the zoom defaults to what
I'd call "fit to screen" instead of "fill screen."  Can anyone tell me
where that setting is?

Thanks in advance...

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