[mythtv-users] Nividia Xvmc and DVB-T (UK)

Steven Ellis steven at openmedia.co.nz
Thu Jul 12 22:50:15 UTC 2007

On Fri, July 13, 2007 1:51 am, Steve Smith wrote:
> In my quest for decent MPEG2 playback without the need for some humungous
> processor I'm trying out XvMC on my NVIDIA FX5200.
> It plays mpegs from my PVR-150 card perfectly fine,
> but the files from my DVB-T card exhibit some strange behaviour.
> The sound breaks up completely and the playback slows to a crawl....
> but only during certain programmes.
> e.g. the other week I recorded Doctor Who with the recording starting  5
> mins before the show.
> The end of the previous show played fine.
> As did the trailers for upcoming shows.
> And the BBC1 ditty thing.
> Then as soon as Dr.Who started the sound s   t   a  r  t  e  d stu   tter
> ing and the video ground to a halt. Same all the way thru the show.
> If I try to play it using "Standard" (i.e.Xv only) it's fine, but the
> CPU hit is higher than I'd like.
> Has anyone else encountered this? I have a theory it may be due to extra
> sound track in the TS stream...
> Any hints?
> I'm running Ubuntu Feisty with latest mythbuntu packages nvidia driver =
> 1.0.9631

Can you check which build of mythtv you are using. The most recent
mythbuntu builts are Gutsy and have my backports to fix some DVB playback

These aren't currently in 0.20-fixes.

For details see http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/3591

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