[mythtv-users] geforce 7950 and LG 32" hd tv

jack snodgrass mrlinuxgroups at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 17:34:36 UTC 2007

On 7/12/07, Hasse R. Hansen <hasse at ramlev.dk> wrote:
> Hey,
> Im installing MythTV on a desktop computer, the specs is a
> GeForce7950gx2 and a LG 32Lc2R LCD tv.
> The MythTV interface is nice nice, but when im shifting to tv mode, then
> it sucks, the output to the screen is really bad.
> I have just checked and when im watching a .mp4 movie, the resolution is
> great great.
> anyone ?

I have one box connected up to a 32" lcd and one box connected to a 50" plasma.
On the 32" full sreen 16:9 gives me full screen 16:9... on the 50" plasma, I get
bars... still trying to tweak that....

I'm just using the default xorg.conf settings... not mode lines or
anything like that.

My shows are crisp and clean... but I'm only using this for HDTV and DVDs.

> 2. Another question is, is it possible to use mythtv without recording
> everything you watch, and only the things you want to record ?

Huh? Are you talking about using the mythfrontend or mythtv program and
watching 'live-tv' without recording it... buffering it... or are you
asking something
else... I don't watch any 'live' tv. I use mythweb to schedule all of my shows
and I watch them after they have been recorded.


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