[mythtv-users] EIT problems

Andrew Prock prock at cs.wisc.edu
Thu Jul 12 16:01:51 UTC 2007

It appears that zap2it has prematurely muddled the OTA
broadcast lineup for my area.


Not sure if this is a temproray condition (as in until they
fix it) or a temporary condition (as in until they turn the
service off).  Either way, I thought I'd try to take a stab
at EIT listings.

I got EIT to work at a basic level, but right not it only
works for two channels in my area.  All the other channels
give a cryptic error of the form "hidden in guide".  Here's
a post from January 20th that discussed the same issue:


There were no responses to that post.  I have emailed the author
to see if there was a resolution, but no response as of yet.

Any clue as to what the error means?

I did nuke all of my video sources in hopes that it was an
issue with old guide data preventing new guide data from

Looking at the source code the "hidden in guide" thing seems
to be some kind of PSIP stream flag which doesn't seem to be
used by mythtv, but I really don't know for sure as the code
at that level is difficult for me to decipher.

Any ideas?

- Andrew

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