[mythtv-users] Rearranging my myth system architecture - thoughts on directions?

Bruce H McIntosh scotsman at afn.org
Wed Jul 11 17:09:16 UTC 2007

I've just upgraded the TV to that mondo pretty 55" Sony KDS-55A2020.
Now it's time to consider what to do with the myth setup.  Currently I

* ATX rackmount 4u server case
* dual P3-866
* 2x PVR250
* 200 GB ATA drive (and a 500GB SATA drive and adapter to install)
* DVD burner yet to be installed
* Knoppmyth R5E0
* First generation Shuttle toasterbox
* Ath2400
* 1GB  RAM
* 80GB ATA local drive (just used for the OS)
* FX5500 PCI card w/DVI out
* Knoppmyth R5E0

I obviously want to beef the frontend up to be HD-capable, as I think
the PCI bus old Athlon machine is just not going to be up to snuff.  I
also intend to add two PCHDTV 5500 tuners to the backend.  Question is,
where should I toss in more CPU and RAM?  I figured on a couple
different approaches:

1. Replace the frontend with a mondo beefy Ath FX dualcore and a 6xxx
series PCIe vid card and put the HD card(s) in the existing backend
along with more disk space.

2. Replace both the frontend and backend with a combined
frontend/backend with the FX dual core and the faster vid card *and* the
HD tuner(s) in one box.

3. Replace the frontend as option1, and add a second backend with the HD

What'd the group recommend here?
    Bruce H. McIntosh  scotsman at afn.org  www.afn.org/~scotsman  WA4UF
         Network geek with a strong affinity for Telecasters

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