[mythtv-users] Two-backends with two-frontends on one machine?

Jay Mallar surfing at jaymallar.com
Tue Jul 10 18:34:39 UTC 2007

I'm in the process of setting up a new system.  I plan to have two 
identical backends with two tuners each, and have these backends 
available throughout my house via frontend machines at each TV. 

I'd like to be able to watch anything recorded on either backend 
anywhere in the house. 

Option 1 is to link the backends (making one the master) so they can 
keep track of schedules and conflicts between them, and have each 
frontend access the backend complex.

I'm curious if there is an Option 2.

Assume I have a frontend machine called FM1 in my living room.  Assume 
further I have two identical backend machines, BM1 and BM2, each 
recording things on their own (not linked together in anyway way - and 
yes, I understand they won't be able to deal with duplicates, schedules 
and conflicts between them in this configuration).

Now assume FM1 has two MythTV frontend processes on it, P1 and P2.  Can 
I have process P1 talk only to BM1 and process P2 talk only to BM2?  
That way, with simple window/desktop switching I could access the other 
machine and its recordings, for example, desktop 1 would display stuff 
from P1/BM1 and desktop 2 would display stuff from P2/BM2.

Why, you ask?  I currently have two Tivos today; I control one, my 
better half controls the other, and we like having control of our own 
recordings without the clutter of the other.


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