[mythtv-users] Hauppauge HVR1100 and analog TV

Antonio Aneiros antonio at tonhitux.org
Tue Jul 10 13:53:31 UTC 2007

Hi. I've been doing my best to try to make this card work in mythtv with
little success.

This card has two tuners, dvb-t and analog which I can make to work
perfectly using mplayer and tvtime (well, analog TV audio doesn't work out
of the box, though).

In mythtv things work if I don't configure the analog part of the card but
if I do, mythtv shows only the default analog channel (with rather poor
quality) when I switch to analog TV and when I try to change channels, it
gives me a black screen and freezes so I have to kill it.

I have configured the digital part as a DVB card and the analog as a v4l
device; then I scan for channels on both tuners and things seem to work
but when I get to watching analog TV....

Mythtv's docs say that in order to configure a hybrid card like mine you
should first configure the digital tuner and then use the "analog options
section" for the digital tuner to configure the analog part. However, I
have been unable to find such section (??)

I'd like to tell you which version of mythtv I am using but I have tried
several distuibutions with the same little success: debian unstable,
ubuntu feisty and now I am about to give gentoo a try.

Please, if any of you is using this card, could you tell me how you have
set it up in mythtv?


Un saludo.

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