[mythtv-users] Why would this happen?

Bruce Nordstrand brucen at ksl.com.au
Tue Jul 10 08:47:44 UTC 2007

Brian Wood wrote:
> Bruce Nordstrand wrote:
>> Bit peeved at the moment. Myth has been running flawlessly for months 
>> then suddenly decided to do the dirty on my most important recordings. I 
>> am recording the Tour de France every day. Last night, Myth showed Stage 
>> 2 as recording and went on to flag commercials (I saw this in the task 
>> list). Today when I went to watch Stage 2 Myth tells me the file for 
>> this recording cannot be found? WTF!!! Where would it go? There was 65Gb 
>> free at this stage, the recordings are approx 6.5Gb.
>> Any reason why this would happen?
> Have you ever heard of Edsel Murphy?
> But seriously, if you can get to a command line prompt and start
> checking filesystem integrity, then look for the file itself, without
> Myth, you might find it.
> Your file(s) may be perfectly OK, you might just have a database problem.

Thanks Brian

Anyone else want to take out a contract on this Murphy guy - he is a 
total PITB!!! :)

I have checked the entire filesystem and everything is fine. There are 
no other 6Gb+ files anywhere on the system, so the DB seems to be fine 
as well. What gets me is Myth put the record in recorded programs 
without a file....strange, real strange.

Tonight, I'll watch live and then check the recording at intervals. I'll 
just have to put up with all those damn commercials!


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