[mythtv-users] Transcoding filters

Alf mel alf at mypals.org
Tue Jul 10 01:24:31 UTC 2007

Hello!  I'm new to MythTV and I am very impressed.  Thanks for all the 
developers that have spent so much time in making a great application.

In figuring out record settings, storage requirements and the like, I am 
trying to transcode some episodes recorded in RTjpeg to MPEG4.  The problem 
I have is that the channels were a bit noisy and MPEG4 makes the 
screen "swim" due to the noise.  I tried to apply the denoise3d filter on 
the transcode settings screen, but the image still looked the same.  I 
tried the "invert" filter but the image was not inverted.  I'm using MythTV 

I looked at archives of the list and found a message with the same 
questions: do the filters on the transcode page work?  The thread had no 
replies.  I placed mythtranscode into full debug and none of the SQL 
queries even looked for the filter settings, so it seems this may not be 
fully implemented yet.

My questions:

1. Do filters at the transcode level work?  If they do, is there a different 
syntax that has to be used?

2. If they don't, are there any alternatives to filter *and* transcode my 
recordings to MPEG4?  (My mplayer doesn't play the nuv files correctly, so 
I can't use transcode; ffplay produces no video output either).

Thanks in advance for the help.

@ - Alf

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