[mythtv-users] Can't get xbmcmythtv to connect to sql

Daniel Arfsten darfsten at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 9 16:24:52 UTC 2007

If you think about it, the line "DBHostName" would seem to
indicate that
it needs to know where the DB host is. In your case, it
definitely isn't
localhost. (localhost resolves to - look in your
/etc/hosts file).

If your mysql database is at, set "DBHostName" to
Mike perkins

previous responce above

Well I think that the mysql.txt file is merely the info that was originally 
generated when the mythtv-setup was run, so originally the username was 
mythtv, the password was something, the Dbhostname was and the 
database was mythconverge but I have changed the IP within mythtv-setup to 
the static ip of the mythtv-backend so it should be working. Do you know how 
to make xmbcmythtv be more verbose with errors, or where I can view a log 
file on the xbox, or how I can get the syslog to show the failed connection 
from the xbox? I have verified that the user mythtv from the xbox ip has 
usage rights within phpmyadmin. I just can't figure out why I can't connect 
to it from the xbox? Netstat -pant shows that the sql port is listening for 
connections other than localhost so it should be working? What command would 
I use if I wanted to connect to the mysql database (mythconverge) from 
another computer? Thanks if you can provide me this info.

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