[mythtv-users] Channel scan only picks up channels 1 to 13

Bryce Ostenson bostenson at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 14:46:41 UTC 2007

Hoping someone can provide a hint...  I've not been able to find
anything in a fair number of searches.

I have a new myth install, on Ubuntu Desktop 7.0.4, using a PVR-150
against my condo's basic analog cable.  During the back end setup, the
channel scan feature only picks up channels 1-13.  I played around a
bit and discovered that I can add specific channels by specifying a
frequency.  I just guessed and noticed that the first 13 channels was
6000 apart.  From that, I extrapolated and added some channels.
Doesn't seem like my equation is right but I did get some channels so
the card can definitely see them.

My old panasonic TV (~4 years old) picks up the basic cable just fine
through it's integrated tuner.

Any hints?

Also working on the issue that my video is not great...  It seems
kinda fuzzy on capture and has issues in fast moving scenes.  I wish I
could describe it better.  There's a lot on that and I'll be returning
to it.  I'm sure it's not a playback issue since some stuff captured
from other sources and loaded on to the box plays back wonderfully.

I am very happy that I finally added a lineup at zap2it.  Now I just
have to sync and, hopefully, get some data for the program guide.
Maybe that has something to do with the channel scan, though it
doesn't seem to make a lot of sense so I doubt it but maybe...

Thanks to everyone on this list for their help.


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