[mythtv-users] Digital antenna question

Larry Jones larry at foxgulch.com
Sun Jul 8 21:43:38 UTC 2007

Pete Cap wrote:
> */Billy Macdonald <billymacdonald at gmail.com>/* wrote:
>     On 7/8/07, Pete Cap wrote:
>     > List,
>     >
>     > I recently set up a really lo-fi Myth box. It's in an old dell
>     beige box,
>     > hooked up to a pretty small standard definition TV, and it has
>     one capture
>     > card pulling down analog broadcasts (before the latest move it
>     was recording
>     > S-Video from a cable STB).
>     >
>     > The analog broadcasts are really not all that bad, but all the
>     stations are
>     > simulcast in digital. I understand that with digital, either you
>     get the
>     > signal or you don't--there's no snow or static. It would be a
>     significant
>     > improvement!
>     >
>     > However, I do not understand if I would be "restricted" to HD
>     broadcasts--or
>     > if I need a new capture card. I can play widescreen HD
>     recordings (from
>     > bittorent) and apparently Myth resizes them on the fly to fit
>     the SD 4:3
>     > screen. If this would work with broadcast as well that would be
>     excellent.
>     > But will I need to get a new card to tune in the digital
>     signal--or will
>     > Radio Shack have one with component out?
>     >
>     > Thanks in advance,
>     >
>     > Pete
>     >
>     >
>     Yes you need a different card to tune digital stations. Most digital
>     channels that have any HD content always broadcast in 720p or 1080i,
>     just letterboxed. So your recordings will be much larger in size and
>     will likely show up postage stamped be default in Myth (which you can
>     zoom. But they will be clear.
>     To see if your system has the umph, you need to find some 1080i mpeg2
>     recordings to play. Look in the same places that you found your other
>     ones, but the files will be much much larger. The widescreen HD
>     recordings you download are likely not full resolution and are much
>     easier on the system to decode.
>     To your advantage though, the decoders only decode what's needed. So
>     if your resolution is 800x600, it takes less to decode and play 1080i
>     then on a 1920x1080 resolution.
>     Good luck,
>     Billy
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> Billy,
> Thanks!
> I think the system should decode the MPEGs just fine--I have an nvidia 
> 7 series to do all the heavy lifting.  And they'll be playing a 
> ~640x480 so hopefully there won't be too much of a performance hit.
> I see the new pcHDTV cards are only $130.  I'm ordering one of those 
> up today and hopefully get it up and running this week.  Thanks again!
> --Pete
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It wasn't clear what the source of your HD broadcasts will be?  Off your 
set top box via QAM or direct over the air via an antenna (8VSB in the 
us).    Anyway,  pay attention that your card takes the input you have 

 You'll love digital TV.   I almost refuse to watch an analog broadcast.


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