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Pete Cap peteoutside at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 8 18:04:44 UTC 2007


I recently set up a really lo-fi Myth box.  It's in an old dell beige box, hooked up to a pretty small standard definition TV, and it has one capture card pulling down analog broadcasts (before the latest move it was recording S-Video from a cable STB).

The analog broadcasts are really not all that bad, but all the stations are simulcast in digital.  I understand that with digital, either you get the signal or you don't--there's no snow or static.  It would be a significant improvement!

However, I do not understand if I would be "restricted" to HD broadcasts--or if I need a new capture card.  I can play widescreen HD recordings (from bittorent) and apparently Myth resizes them on the fly to fit the SD 4:3 screen.  If this would work with broadcast as well that would be excellent.  But will I need to get a new card to tune in the digital signal--or will Radio Shack have one with component out?

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