[mythtv-users] Will this setup record HD from over the air?

Owen Mehegan owen at nerdnetworks.org
Sun Jul 8 06:59:54 UTC 2007

Sounds like I'm in luck. I have an Asus GeForce FX5200 128M card. I  
guess it's worth a try, and at least now I know that if my current  
setup doesn't work out, I'll just need to look at upgrading my video  
card, not my whole underlying CPU/memory/etc. Cool!

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> 	air?
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> Owen Mehegan wrote:
>> Having recently canceled my overpriced cable TV service, I decided to
>> upgrade my Myth system's jurassic TV Wonder VE tuner card to
>> something a little nicer. There's a lot of HD content available over
>> the air where I live, so I was thinking I'd just start recording  
>> that.
>> My plan is to get a pcHDTV card and some kind of antenna
>> (suggestions?), and put it in my current Myth system. I have a
>> Celeron 2.13 ghz processor, 1G of RAM, and I'm using two ATA-100
>> drives in a software RAID 1. This was always fine for recording
>> standard definition content off of cable, but will it be fast enough
>> for HD?
> The problem is not so much recording HD as it is playing it back.
> ATSC, or "over-the-air" HD, is already encoded as MPEG2, so the only
> thing you have to be able to do is write the data to the disk.
> Playing it back requires decoding the MPEG2 stream. You didn't mention
> what video card you are using. Generally "business type" or integrated
> graphics can be problematical, but any nVidia-based card from a  
> 5200 on
> up, using nVidia's drivers, should have no problem.
> XvMC allows transferring a lot of the decoding load to the video card
> itself. It can create some problems, most notably with color in the  
> OSD,
> but there are some workarounds for that.
> Some Unichrome chipsets can also take advantage of GPU acceleration,
> generally ATI cards can't, at least not in any supported way.
> So the question is: What's your video output setup?
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