[mythtv-users] USB Tuner Support?

Tim Schall tschall-mythtv at fortgirlfriend.com
Sun Jul 8 05:56:20 UTC 2007

I thought I read someplace that the Linux kernel supports the Hauppauge 
WinTV-HVR-950.  If it does (And you can find one.) it's the way to go.

We've tested the bajeezus out of just about everything there is at work and 
this thing was the second best USB tuner we tested.  First best was a $6,000 
thingus from Sencore that wasn't a stick but a commercial grade decoder that 
happened to use USB.

The 950 has a fifth generation chip in it and multi-path and ghosting 
reduction on the digital side that are second to none.  This thing will pull 
a signal out of the most gawd-awful clap trap of noise you've every seen.


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Hello all.

I've been paging through the tuner cards in hopes of finding supported
USB tuner cards for both NTSC and ATSC.  Could anyone point me to some
supported devices (in hopes I missed some) or crush my hopes and

I may be upgrading my main desktop, which I hope to turn into a MythTV
backend.  The desktop is a Shuttle however, so internal space is
limited.  If I can slap a USB hub and a few tuners on it, I've got a
nice little compact backend that is quite too.


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