[mythtv-users] IVTV recordings glitch every 302 seconds

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Sat Jul 7 09:50:29 UTC 2007

Yup, you have heard the term "it happens every 5 minutes" and it does -
plus a couple of seconds!!

I've checked on 2 frontends and with mplayer and its definitely the
recording and not the playback. The glitch takes the form of a pause or
hesitation at intervals of about 302 seonds from the start of the
recording (i.e. its not some other process running every 5 minutes). Each
glitch lasts about a second.

As far as I can see my DVB sat card does not suffer this and its running
about the same bit rate (at least the files are about the same size). No
overruns appearing in the logs from the ivtv driver although I've not
tried logging the backend yet.

I'm running 0.10.3 ivtv on a 2.6.20 kernel on Gentoo stable (I know that
the stable branch has only 0.10.1 but I've tried that as well!!). Mythtv
is trunk SVN r13823.

Any clues or any similarities anyone?

Robin Gilks

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