[mythtv-users] Remote Frontend HD playback causes Segfault

Mike LaPlante mike at dividia.net
Thu Jul 5 23:43:01 UTC 2007

Mike LaPlante wrote:
> Ben Dailey wrote:
>> Mike,
>> The bug is apparently tighted to SSE processor extensions. It is 
>> possible why you are not seeing the segfault on your other machines? 
>> What processor are in each system? There has been a fix committed in 
>> head for this issue and it has solved the problem for me in my quick 2 
>> minute test this morning. If you would like I can give you my 
>> uninstall and build scripts that I use to make sure my system is clean 
>> for a new build. The log you attached looks very similar to what I was 
>> seeing before the segfaults but I am no expert and I wouldn't take my 
>> comments authoritatively.
>> Thanks,
>> Ben
> Hmm, actually yes, both my other systems are AMD, where as the system 
> I'm having trouble with is Intel. If a fix is already in the works then 
> I may just wait until Axel gets the next set of rpms out. I knew the 
> risk of running SVN when I upgraded to it, but decided it was worth it 
> so that my firewire STB would work reliably.
> The kicker is that my backend is in the bedroom, my frontend is on the 
> nice big LCD HDTV. So I'm having to watch the HD stuff on my crappy 
> CRT.  :-( 
> Thanks for the replies.
> Mike
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Sorry to reply to myself, just wanted to add a tidbit of information. I 
have been stating that its only HD stuff that causes the segfault. Turns 
out it actually anything recorded off my STB connected via firewire. So 
even the SD digital stuff is causing the segfault. These are all 
recorded using mpeg2ts obviously. All other shows are recorded on my PVR 
150 and 250. Those seem to play just fine on trouble system.

Thanks, just wanted to stick that in there in case it helps.


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