[mythtv-users] Sat receiver and HD Question

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Wed Jul 4 11:39:47 UTC 2007

Keith Barrett wrote:
> I have read tons of posts, some pretty old, on Sat receiver connections
> to MythTV and the issues regarding recording HD. I agree; until an HDMI
> compressor shows up we have to wait on recording HD content.
Not quite true. You can record HD content however not from either 
satellite company. There are many options for recording from an antenna 
(OTA) or from cable if available.
> I hope I am correct in assuming that I can still record the HD channel
> output from a DISH or Direct TV receiver from the analog output (in
> 480p)?
> Here's my real question. I'm asking because I do not (yet) subscribe to
> Dish or DirectTV.
> Regardless of how the channels can be recorded in any resolution, how
> do I actually watch the DISH HD channels in high def if my MythTV box
> is between the receiver and the monitor? Would I need to buy an HDMI
> card like <a
> href="http://www.blackmagic-design.com/products/intensity/">this</a>
> and connect BOTH the DISH receiver analog output to my analog in, and
> the receiver HDMI output to this card's HDMI input, then view the HDMI
> output from my graphics card? If so, I hope that all the non-HD content
> is also being sent to that receiver's HDMI output so I can stay viewing
> one MythTV interface instead of switching based on channel selected.
The only way to watch HD with a sat dish is to directly connect the 
component out from the receiver to the tv. This will likely require an 
additional STB as Myth will not care that you were watching tv when it 
changes channels in the middle of your show.

PS - There are a few products on the market today that will record from 
component outputs but to date they have all been limited to max 
resolution of 480p so no actual HD. With the recent changes to the laws 
in the usa it may not be legal to make a device that can capture HD 
component as this would allow the direct bypassing of the content 
controls built into the signal.

> If I have a DISH receiver connected to my MythTV via the HDMI and via
> the analog outputs, 
> Forgive me if this question is a bit newbie, but 
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