[mythtv-users] Any way to pay?

Tim Schall tschall-mythtv at fortgirlfriend.com
Wed Jul 4 04:10:03 UTC 2007

Carl is correct.  I am not a computer programmer and I don't know that 
MythTV will or won't support a source other than datadirect.

What I am is a television station 'transmission engineer.'  I take care of 
all the last mile stuff such as transmitters and fiber connections to cable 
companies for KCTS-TV which is the PBS station in Seattle, WA.  We were the 
first PBS station in the US on the air in digital and the second one in 
Seattle by about 8 hours or so.  We cranked digital up in April of 1999.  I 
got a lot of time under my belt with it.

As far as PSIP goes, it is not a part of either the ATSC or mpeg standards. 
The FCC "decided" that it should be included 'by reference' so we're stuck 
with it.  It is required that all digital television stations transmit EPG 
data out 12 hours that is "substanially accurate."  The comission has 
declined to define exactly what that means.  I transmit data out 10 days and 
believe that it would meet anyones definition of  'substanially accurate.' 
I check it frequently and can count on one hand the number of times I have 
found it incorrect since I put it on in May of 2000.  (A long time before it 
was 'required.')

I'd be happy to provide whatever input I can as far as generating a new, 
freely available, open source of EPG data for MythTV and whatever other open 
source applications are out there.  In the meantime I would be happy to pay 
(for data I handed to TMS for free, but that 's another rant for another 

How may I help?


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Doug Meredith wrote:
> Maybe I’m misunderstanding you, but it seems like you are saying that
> you can’t be bothered to research this, and just want us to tell you.
> It would appear that you place greater value on your time than on the
> time of everyone else.  That about right?

No. What he's saying is he's not a computer programmer and doesn't know
whether MythTV will support any other sources besides datadirect. If
anyone knows the answer without having to do the research for him he
would appreciate an answer.

As far as I know there is no commercially available source of guide
data. There has been discussion on the list the last week because of TMS
announcing they are removing the freely available source of guide
listings. Probably one of the alternatives the devs are considering is a
commercial listing, but from what I've gathered from the discussions all
paths lead back to TMS at the moment.

 From what I can tell PSIP is an optional part of the DTV signal and is
considered to be rather unreliable. It's my understanding that the
information provided is often incorrect or missing. While it is a
required part of ATSC, that system is not yet widely enough used to be
considered the standard for receiving TV signals, from a user's viewpoint.


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