[mythtv-users] mythbackend and Ubuntu Server

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Sun Jul 1 19:08:35 UTC 2007

William Munson wrote:
> Joacim J wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Today I have an all-in-one mythtv installation but are thinking to 
>> move mythbackend to my server.
>> I am planning to reinstall my server with Ubuntu Server 6.10, would 
>> mythbackend run on that or will it require some "GUI-lbs"??
>> Is it a better choice to use Kubuntu instead (just for mythbackend)??
>> -- 
>> Regards
>> Joacim 
> You will need to install a GUI of some sort however you do not need to 
> start it by default. A simple XFCE or RatPoison GUI would be enough. You 
> will need it to run mythtv-setup and if you want to troubleshoot 
> recording issues. Its also really handy to be able to run a vnc session 
> at times.
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It *is* possible to run mythtv-setup over the network from another 
machine (say, one of your frontends). I do this whenever I need to fix 
things (rarely, at the moment). My current backend does not have X 
installed, but I can "ssh -X <server>" no problem. However, a light X 
installation, say Xubuntu, can make life easy for that unexpected time 
when it all goes horribly wrong...dont set X running at bootup, just 
start it up with "startx" when you need it.

Mike Perkins

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