[mythtv-users] MythWeather sandbox/revamp not working

Michelle Dupuis support at ocg.ca
Sun Jul 1 13:11:49 UTC 2007

I'm somewhat new to Myth (1 month) so I'm having trouble understanding what
you did.

I found my theme in the /usr/share/mythtv/themes/blue directory, but the
only references to weather are links to the weather.png image.

Could you explain exactly what you did?



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Michelle Dupuis wrote:
> I downloaded the latest MythWeather (revamp) from SVN tonight (July 
> 1), and am stuck.  It's compiled and installed ok, I even setup the 
> global/source/etc weather settings.
> However, when I click the weather button, I get the "retrieving 
> weather data" message on screen and nothing else (waits endlessly). 
> Anyone got this working?
> And a nice to have...it looks like only USA cities are in the list.
> Anyone working on Canadian cities / sources?

I had the same problem and had to do some tweaking with the theme files.
  I think it was a case of remove the mythweather config from all themes
other than default.

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