[mythtv-users] Which theme do you use?

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Wed Jan 31 19:37:24 UTC 2007

Jon Boehm wrote:
> I'm using blue.  It looks a little dated and I would love to see a darker
> background or the same theme in a different color scheme like dark red. (The
> human eye is least sensitive to blue so blue hues wash together.)
> Having said all that, I has the best use of menu space.  Everything fits on
> the screen without scrolling, and the icons make of easy navigation.
> My vote is blue,
> Jon

For a short time, I used "blootube."  The graphics are nice and it makes
great use of the screen, but I discovered that it seemed to take a lot
longer to load up (and this is on an Sempron64 3000+ with 512MB of
RAM).  Not sure why..

I switched over to "blue" (I immediately got grumblings from my 8yr
because it wasn't as pretty as blootube), and it makes good use of the
real estate, is easy on the eyes, and performs well.


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