[mythtv-users] Puzzles about PVR150 card and Remote control install and run on MythDora

Xi Jiarong XiJiarong at sp.edu.sg
Wed Jan 31 06:51:18 UTC 2007

I have installed MythDora on my PC.
But I have not the Hauppauge PVR150 card now, and would buy this PVR150
card on next week.
I have some following puzzles about the installation:
1. As for MythDora, from the Xdesk, Multimedia->mythTV setup, enter into
the "Home", some 5 list choice including:General, Capture cards, Video
sources, Input connections, Channel Editor;  After configuring these five
set according to my PVR150 card, whether this PVR150 can run on MythTV?
Need I to do some other, such as install the driver, so as to let PVR150
card to run on MythDora properlly? how about the process for Fedora?

2. As for the Remote Control, if I purchase one PVR150 card box come with
the remote control, then how can I do to let the remote control work
properlly on MythDora. I need to download the Remote control and IR
blaster/receiver linux driver? Some hearty good people give me some url,
but I still have not found the corresponding answer for me, if possible
please advise me in detail. Many thanks:)

3. If I get one PVR150 card box without the remote control because the
latest box is as this instace from the Hauppauge companny, What types of
Remote control and IR blaster and receiver, I should buy so as to use
remote control for mythTV on MythDora? Is there some choce advice for

I greatly appreciate your help and suggestion!!!
Thanks a lot! Happy Chinese New Year!!
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