[mythtv-users] HVR-950 and v4l-dvb-kernel issues

Adam Propeck adam at propeck.com
Wed Jan 31 02:19:35 UTC 2007

On 12/13/06, Adam Propeck <adam at propeck.com> wrote:
> Bit-o-background:
> Running Myth (SVN) successfully for quite some time. Have two PVR-150's up
> and running with myth and love it.
> I'd like to add this new HVR-950 that I recently purchased. I've followed
> instructions for installing v4l-dvb-kernel and gotten linux to recognize
> this card. However... I had to "yum remove ivtv*" and "yum remove
> video4linux*" in order to get linux to see the card. Doing that, resulted in
> the PVR-150's failing to tune to new channels at all and they were stuck on
> the same last channel they had been on. (Very frustrating when the Simpsons
> is starting in five minutes and you just realize this is the case...
> I'm running FC5 and 2.6.18 kernel, so I've gone back to the yum ivtv and
> v4l packages and performed a make rminstall on the v4l-dvb-kernel packages.
> Does anyone know a way for me to get this device working without killing
> my pvr-150's tuning capabilities? Thanks in advance!

I think that there must be issues with the tveeprom stuff causing issues as
was suggested. Or something similar perhaps. I've updated software on the
box I'm using and still am having some issues. If I can get the HVR to pull
up and still have the 150's tuning away, I'll be pretty happy, so any help
is appreciated! -Adam

I can still load the two PVR-150's fine(one is MCE and the other isn't), but
when I try to modprobe em2880-dvb, I get this in dmesg:

em2880_dvb: Unknown symbol em28xx_i2c_call_clients
em2880_dvb: Unknown symbol em28xx_unregister_extension
em2880_dvb: Unknown symbol em28xx_register_extension

Checking rpm for installed ivtv packages:

# rpm -qa |grep ivtv
perl-Video-ivtv-0.13-8.fc5.at <http://perl-video-ivtv-0.13-8.fc5.at/>

And for v4l:

# rpm -qa |grep video4l

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