[mythtv-users] X11, Intel i810 & NVidia FX5200, help me get my MythTV back

Brian brian at miatar.org
Tue Jan 30 15:41:29 UTC 2007

While the BIOS may not have the ability to disable the on-board i810, have
you looked for jumpers on the m/b? 

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Matthias Thyroff napsal(a):
> The installer of the nvidia driver configured this correctly for me. I'd
> recommend you start without xorg.conf file (rename the one you have),
> and execute nvidia-xconfig to create a new x configuration, just to make
> sure there is no i810 driver in your way. Then start X and look in the
> log file what happens, you could also post the interesting parts of the
> log here.

Make sure you don't have a monitor plugged in to the i810 vga port when 
you boot to do this.  I have a brain damaged i810 that autoconfigures 
depending on what is plugged into the port.  It's possible the bios will 
disable the i810 if there is no monitor plugged into it.

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