[mythtv-users] AACS Cracked Already

Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 00:27:28 UTC 2007

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On Jan 29, 2007, at 15.21, David Brodbeck wrote:

> Steven Adeff wrote:
>> I think most people pirate movies they wouldn't buy anyway, even  
>> for $5. I think most people use piracy as a way around the movie  
>> rental business. Especially students, who would rather spend their  
>> money on cheap booze than renting a movie.

True. I'd rather download something like... Mission: Impossible III  
rather than spend $5 on renting it. Of course, it would probably cost  
me closer to $10 to rent it, since I'd have to find out what bus I  
have to take to the local Blockbuster/Hollywood Video/etc., spend up  
to $2.50 (depending on where you live) on a trip there, and then $5  
on the rental. Depending on how long I take (unlikely) I may have to  
buy a trip back (not sure if there are transit systems or not that  
don't do transfers). It's quite a hassle for a student without a car,  
living out-of-state, with no idea where things are, or in a small town.

> Part of that is because movie piracy is currently kind of a pain.

Well, partially true.

>  Finding a decent-quality torrent,

That's the easy part.

> spending days waiting for it to download,

Not always true. BitTorrent works best when there are 50-100's of  
people sharing. A fresh Ubuntu DVD ISO takes maybe... three hours,  
tops, which is half the time of a conventional, linear download.  
There are also alternatives. Many college campuses have their own  
DirectConnect hubs running, where students can download movies off of  
each other in less than 10 mins, assuming they're on the network.

> and then figuring out how to re-encode it onto a DVD (if that's  
> your end goal) is a lot of work.

Most DVD burning programs do that FOR you. After that, it's just  
waiting to transcode. But that's assuming you have a TV. Many  
students, including myself, don't (I <3 my MythTV + LCD monitor set- 
up). Most students will just watch it on their computers.

> Students do it because they have more time than money.

Too true.

> My time has value, so I just subscribe to Netflix.  For $15/month  
> it's cheaper to rent the stuff legally than to use my valuable time  
> trying to figure out how to beat the system.

Now that's a good argument. Right tool for the right job for the  
right person. But, to be honest, I like the idea of being able to  
watch Return of the King on my PSP while flying from school to home,  
instead of having to whip out my laptop in one of those cramped coach- 
class seats. I've tried it both ways, PMPs that fit in your pocket  
are the way to go, so I'm pretty pleased that AACS has been  
compromised (at least partially). I may not be able to play HD  
videos, but I like being able to convert them into formats I can take  
on the go with me.
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