[mythtv-users] Turtle Beach Riviera /CMedia CMI8738 and optical SPDIF

Clay babyhuml at msn.com
Mon Jan 29 21:21:30 UTC 2007

That is great news! Hopefully I am skilled enough to replicate that
functionality on my system. To your recommendations, I have IEC958 output
turned on, I have no .asoundrc file and I have myth configured as you
described - which is what got me 2 channels in the first place.

A few additional questions:

Which Linux distro are you using?
Which ALSA version are you running?
Did you have to do any special config of the module or ALSA?
Did yours just work? If not, what things did you do to troubleshoot?

I am thinking that mythtv is not the problem, and that it is something in my
OS config that is the issue.



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Clay wrote:
> Has anyone been able to get a Turtle Beach Riviera working on their system
> so that a 5.1 stream will go out of the optical connection?  (I have read
> here and there that Cmedia has advertised that it works, but it really
> doesn't)
> I can get 2 channels go do through, but no 5.1.  I am grinding through the
> email thread on this list about ac3 passthrough but no luck yet.  The
> following gives me 2 channels out of myth:
Sure.  This is my recommended card for optical out.  No funny .asoundrc 
needed.  Just set Myth for AC3 passthrough, turn on the IEC598 in the 
alsa-mixer and set your output device to alsa:default in Myth

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